The finest ebeam

Depending on the depth and the material, welds down to a width of 50 µm are possible. Besides the very accurate beam caustic, the process-specific high and material independent absorption are the reasons for that.

Part of a mechanical wrist watch consisting of NiCu

No need for a camera

To weld in the micro range an exact positioning of the beam is required. With the FOCUS MEBW-60 the work piece can be observed in its totality and in the microscopic range up to a resolution of as less as 25 µm by means of a scanning electron beam (SEM-mode). To generate the picture two alternative detectors can be selected. During the welding of dissimilar metals an enhanced material contrast is needed (0° detector) and to enhance the topographic contrast the 45° detector can be used.

0 ° detector
45 ° detector